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Am I in a Tupperware Box?

There are times in our life when we can’t see the woods for the trees. When everything around us is falling apart. When even the simplest of things like catching a bus, becomes a momentous effort in navigation. Angry and frustrated people dominate our landscape and even the cat seems to purr and use her claws at the same time. Sound familiar? Well maybe not the cat, that’s probably just me. Perhaps it’s only some of these things that are pushing our buttons, but the buttons are being pushed all the same. While this is happening our thoughts keep telling us, “What’s the point of trying to change because nothing works?” We are so immersed in this stuff, that we can’t see or think anything else.
The truth is we are simply stuck in a Tupperware box. We are stuck in and at a particular vibration. Energy follows thought and the more we think we can’t change, the more concrete this pattern of thinking becomes. It becomes our way of life. It becomes our reality.
But it doesn’t have to be that way.
Einstein said that you couldn’t solve a problem at the same level of consciousness it was created. You have to change your consciousness; you have to change your vibration. Then the solutions, the answers will simply drop into our awareness. How many times has something frustrated you to the point of tears? You take a walk, you go to the beach or you do something else. Suddenly you find yourself wondering what on earth was I thinking and why was I worried. I just need to say this, I just need to take this action, I just need to stop being worried about what might happen. Fear will always keep us at the vibration where the answers are hidden. When we change our vibration we are allowing our soul to reach us and to give us clear thought and accurate perception. Our soul already knows how to get out of the Tupperware box; we just have to learn how to listen.
So how can we change our vibration?
There are three simple ways to do this.

1. Connect with nature
When we are in nature and connected to the primordial chi energy of the elementals this gently works on our energy body and in turn our vibration. It can be as simple as sitting in a park amongst flowers or under a tree and soaking in the raw mother Gaia energy. The ocean waves, the smell of the sea and the sand are other ways to find this connection. It doesn’t really matter what part of nature we choose. What ever you are drawn to will be the perfect remedy to create the change you are seeking.

2. Mediation
Meditation can provide an immediate sense of relaxation and calmness. It can reduce stress and anxiety from your life and provide more clarity of mind and an inner stillness. Often insight and wisdom will drop in, guidance from your soul that is always present, just sometimes difficult to perceive in the busyness of life. Even five minutes a day can have a profound effect.

3. Music
The healing vibration of sound can resonate through voice, song, chant or singing bowls. Just chanting ‘Om’, lighting some candles and incense will start to help clear out the old energy and create space for a different vibration. Om is a mantra and mystical Sanskrit sound of Hindu origin and is said to be the first sound of creation, a seed sound. It has a very powerful healing vibration.

Any one of these will help create a change in our vibration and consequently help us peep over the lid of the Tupperware box. Even exercise will help shake off old energy and it is the old energy we are trying to surrender, the old pattern of thinking, doing or responding. At the end of the day we want to climb out of the Tupperware box that is holding us back from experiencing the joys our soul wants to experience. We have the choice to leave this energy behind, energy that no longer serves us and is keeping us from growing spiritually. However we live in a free will zone and so we also have the choice to do nothing. Of course “nothing”, means nothing will actually change, but that may also be the perfect choice for our life at that point in time.

And, as we change our vibration and our light becomes brighter, we may very well find ourselves in another Tupperware box. On the other hand we don’t know the lessons our soul incarnated to learn.

There are many truisms in life and one is that our natural state of being is not grief, anger, anxiety, fear or hate. While this may be an aspect, some or even all of our life at the moment, we need to remember that this is not what our soul intended. We can choose happiness, bliss and love, which is quite a different essence and vibration. We have the ability to actually choose the components, the vibration and the spiritual heart of our own Tupperware box. What do you choose?

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