I want every child to know that their voice can change the world. -Malala Fund

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My awakening to my purpose of helping other people on their life path was hugely transformational.

My spiritual journey began with learning about energy healing, crystals, meditation and mindfulness. I became known as an intuitive healer who “walked between realms” to assist people live a more meaningful and rich life.

For many years I have had one foot in the corporate world and one foot in the spiritual world. In 2020 after a lot of reflection I made the courageous decision to leave the corporate world and establish a new personal and professional framework to expand how I work so I could offer more services to others.

I am a Counsellor and Crisis Support Volunteer combining further study in psychology with a private practice. I have recently attained my Provisional Psychologist accreditation, and expect to be fully qualified in 2024.

I am a certified Meditation Teacher and Reiki Master, as well as a former Martial Arts Teacher of children and adults. I am also currently serving on the board of Reiki Australia as a Director in a voluntary capacity.

I work from a heart-based and person-centred approach which means I believe each person already has the skills and capacity to navigate their own life; my role is to simply illuminate the path a little so the journey can continue with ease and grace.

I support women through my “Finding Your Voice” groups and I mentor other women in business in a professional corporate capacity.


I am blessed with two children who continue to bring me joy and light up my life.

In a session with me, we collaboratively work together to unlock your potential and discover your purpose and find your voice.



When you work with me you will :

Come together in community

At Yantree, we work alongside women to inspire, inform and infuse lasting change. Our purpose is to empower women just like you to take the journey in a sacred space towards your own transformation.

How would it feel to wake up each day feeling energised and excited, knowing that you have the clarity, confidence and courage to tackle anything on your path.

Join us on retreat or at a workshop and find yourself surrounded by hope and healing surrounded by a community of like-minded women.

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