"You have the power to change the narrative of your own story."
- Debra Fidler

1 : 1 Sessions

Become empowered, awakened and transformed.

My 1:1 sessions facilitate a journey of empowerment, awakening and transformation for your mind, body and spirit. This can take the form of a counselling session or an energy session. Your choice!

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1 : 1 Counselling

Counselling sessions are a collaborative partnership approach where I learn about what has been happening in your life to assist and help you navigate personal issues, social problems or life difficulties. 

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1 : 1 Reiki

Reiki is an ancient holistic healing modality that works in aligning the mind, body, emotions and spirit. 

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1 : 1 Crystal Dreaming

Take the first step on the journey towards a more empowered you with a crystal dreaming session. 

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1 : 1 Mentoring

Take the first step on the journey towards a more empowered you with a private mentoring session.

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1 : 1 Personalised Practices

It is time to awaken the beauty within. This session will assist you in learning about mediation and setting up a personalised meditation and mindfulness practice.

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1-Minute to Mindfulness

Download your free guide for reclaiming mindful moments in just 1-minute a day

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I'm so grateful and blown away by the powerful healing Vanamali gifted me. She was very nurturing and kind as she helped me to understand and heal awful night terrors, I had been experiencing all my life. I know the healing was deep yet Vanamali helped me to understand each part, so I felt the power of my own healing abilities as well as the true gifts of Vanamali. I learnt so much about myself, my past lives and things I need to do in my day to day life to maintain wellbeing. It was empowering, exciting and really worked. It's been three weeks and not one-night terror since the healing! Thank you Vanamali.


I really looked forward to learning more about crystals with Vanamali.  It was fun and interactive, and I loved her huge collection of crystals.  Vanamali is very knowledgeable and a great teacher.  She facilitated amazing Meditations that I gained great benefit from.  I felt that her workshops have had a lasting impact on me, I would definitely go to her workshops again.


I'm feeling a whole lot calmer and together. Thank you so much for the healing last night.


Your meditation group, healings and support saved me through some of the rockiest times. I'm so grateful and will always remember this, thank you.


Vanamali, heartfelt appreciation and thanks for your delicious healing yesterday.


Vanamali thanks a lot for today. That was a fantastic reiki experience.